Would you like to work as an intern in the no 1 industry?

If you are studying and want to obtain professional experience related to your studies, we offer you the possibility of your internship with us, at any of our departments.

We offer you the possibility to gain professional experience in an environment: young, dynamic and committed, always with an economic support, follow-up tutorial and flexible hours.

We are committed to you and your professional future.

Dual training:

Why not do both?

At INSCA we are socially committed to the integration of young people into the workforce. It makes more 10 years that we are committed and we collaborate with several projects of Dual training, as a methodology of learning and professional development of young students, and as a way for those who want to access the world of work for the first time. Through this methodology of learning, students combine theoretical and practical training, i.e., to combine their theoretical training in schools with practices in our company.

During your stay in our company, you will have the possibility to integrate 100% in our team, getting to know different departments, participating in the projects of the company, so it will be of great help to your professional and personal growth.

From INSCA, we work daily to promote the development of occupation, committed to develop initiatives that contribute to facilitate the access of young people to the labour market.


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