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INSCA brand has a long history behind them. He was born in 1978 thanks to the initiative of two young entrepreneurs. Then the young company produced enclosures for indoor and outdoor wood.

Since its inception the taste and passion for the "job well done" has not changed. However, there are many other aspects that if they have changed and that they are significant by our customers and makes our company unique.

In 1984 INSCA sees the possibility of development in the field of ceramic tiles, they needed a proper support for sale. Thus begin the first creations for exhibitors, exhibitions and fairs for ceramic and sanitary tile stands.

In those years when INSCA starts its expansion outside the national territory, opening an export Department and modernizing its technology with the introduction of the first machine to CNC control, for the treatment of wood. This phase of modernization of the machinery has not stopped ever and has become a continuous process.

These factors, together with the constant effort to improve the product and the decision to invest in research, have led to the obtaining of property records
industry such as patents, utility models, industrial designs and industrial designs, deserve the recognition of customers and competitors.

The concern for sustainable growth has been a constant during the development of INSCA, even more so when we use natural materials such as wood for the performance of the activity.

We are aware of the importance that has to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, being at the same time respectful with the environment, putting at stake all the resources needed to achieve that the activities carried out and the services provided, enjoy the levels of quality and appropriate, moreover, to be able to prevent and limit the environmental impacts related to the activities of the company.

The quality and environmental management are basic elements of good business organization and obtain products and provide quality service respectful with the environment.

Keep in mind, in all actions of the company, a continuous improvement approach based on the technology, as well as the contact with customers and the minimization of the environmental impact.

Communicate its commitments to the environment to all our employees and any interested party that requires it.


  • insca iso certificate 9001 fsc pefc tile display expositor stand booth manufacturer

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