Once again the distinguished Galleries Layafette department store brand has placed its trust in Insca Shopfitting for the manufacture and assembly of the furniture for the shop located in the Nice CAP 3000 shopping centre.

The uniqueness of this project, in which we have carried out the entire technical part with prototypes for validation and, subsequently, the manufacture and installation of all the furniture, lies in the geometric shapes and in the coatings on pastel-coloured ceramic pieces in yellow, blue and orange tones of the entire beauté area.

For the rest of the more classic design furniture, natural tones such as light oak and pearl white have been used, enhanced with a touch of black.


Galeries Lafayette 1

Galeries Lafayette 2

Galeries Lafayette 3

Galeries Lafayette 4

Galeries Lafayette 5

Galeries Lafayette 6

Galeries Lafayette 7


  • insca iso certificate 9001 fsc pefc tile display expositor stand booth manufacturer

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