The emblematic calligraphy booklet publisher Rubio has entrusted Insca shopfitting with the execution of its flagship store in Calle Sorní in Valencia, a project designed by the renowned interior design studio Masqueespacio.

It is a project full of colour and design that invites visitors to immerse themselves in a futuristic and transforming experience, full of creativity and good sensations. The multicoloured methacrylate, the LED lighting or the fireproof lacquered mdf are some of the materials applied by Insca Shopfitting to give a lively and colourful look to the shop. It is worth highlighting as an innovative element the lucigraphy room, lined with fireproof material and covered with photo-luminescent vinyl which allows to highlight the printed shapes when light is applied by means of a small torch. Undoubtedly, the great team of professionals combined with the latest manufacturing techniques have been the keys to reaping a project with great international success.








  • insca iso certificate 9001 fsc pefc tile display expositor stand booth manufacturer

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