We are able to exceed your expectations in customised commercial equipment

Because only when you seek perfection, you find excellence

We are so perfectionist the result is unbeatable.

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The commercial furniture for Belros invites you to enter the sweet world of colour, illusion and fantasy of the brand.

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We are 100% involved in the process, from start to finish of the project. idea to production

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We have a team of more than 150 professionals in engineering, architecture, painting, carpentry, metal and assembly.

Our own production plant is located in Almazora, with a production area of 25000 m2. Technology, innovation, efficiency and sustainability are our pillars.

We offer our services all over the world, with our own assembly team.

We are at our customers’ disposal 365 days a year. For us, offering you the best service is our maxim.

Because if our experience shows us anything, it's that in our market, to offer the best, you have to be the best

That's why big brands trust us

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Our aspiration is to to sign with you the best work we have ever done

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