Values and principles


Our company is identified by our values. These values set us apart from the rest. Our spirit and identity. Respect, freedom, communication, responsibility, initiative and confidence are the values on which holds Insca, creating a work environment in which people feel supported.

Freedom: It is the ability of each of us to make decisions, to be able to take controlled risks, to make mistakes and learn from our mistakes. The power is in people and in their ability.

Responsibility: The degree of freedom determines the degree of 'responsibility', assessing the consequences of our decisions and assuming the consequences of them. Trust: We have an open, honest and transparent spirit. Respect: We always show respect for our partners, our colleagues, our suppliers and our customers.

Initiative: If we want everything to stay as it is, we have to be prepared to change everything.

Communication: Transparency, open doors, accessibility, flat hierarchies... is a basic condition. All of our equipment, suppliers and customers must be involved with the Insca project.

Ethical principles

Insca is committed to diversity, equal opportunities and tolerance. The diversity of our employees and their capabilities is one of our strengths and ensure the maintenance of our success. We support and develop personally and professionally to partners in accordance with their capabilities and performance.

You will not accept any kind of directly or indirectly discriminatory behaviour, in particular, discrimination based on race, ethnicity, origin, religion or beliefs, disability, age, sexual orientation or gender.

Insca is strongly committed with the implementation of the legal framework and working conditions for their employees.