The Hair Beauty

We have been in charge of the manufacture and assembly of the commercial furniture for The Hair Beauty, a 54 m2 area dedicated to hair care with exclusive services and professional advice, in El Corte Inglés Princesa, Madrid.

For this project, we manufactured bespoke commercial furniture, following the design provided by the client. The result is commercial equipment lacquered in an elegant pastel pink, which brings a sense of serenity and sophistication to the space.

We have manufactured shop furniture that integrates perfectly into the overall design of the beauty corner. In this sense, the timeless design and primitive shapes (circles, semicircles and rectangles) of the shopfittings create a warm and inviting environment for customers.

In the bespoke shelving, we have incorporated semi-circular LED displays, which simulate an interior drawer, and shelves with integrated lighting, ensuring that each item stands out. The same goes for the central display tables and designer podiums, manufactured to optimise space and facilitate customer interaction with the products.

At InscaShops, specialists in the manufacture of customised furniture and the assembly of commercial furniture, we offer commercial equipment and furniture solutions for shops that stand out for their quality and design.