Bespoke shopfitting: key to differentiation in retail parks in 2024

Spain is adding 330,000 m2 of new retail space in which bespoke shopfitting will be the key to differentiation.
Equipamiento comercial a medida: clave para la diferenciación en parques comerciales en 2024

2024 looks set to be a year of unprecedented expansion for retail parks in Spain. According to data compiled by the consultancy firm Savills, Spain is expected to add 330,000 m2 of new retail space, marking a new era for the world of shopping. Thus, bespoke shopfitting is an opportunity to differentiate your business.

In this context, the need for shop furnishing solutions that merge product, branding and experience becomes essential to attract potential consumers to physical shops. Establishments require greater differentiation, with spaces that allow them to connect with their products and generate satisfactory experiences for customers.

Bespoke shopfitting: key to differentiation in retail parks in 2024

At InscaShops, as a bespoke retail equipment manufacturer, we are the perfect partner to help you grow. We are 100% involved in the process, from the idea to the production.

The rebirth of the shopping experience

Sales and footfall figures in retail parks are on the rise, with an 8.5% increase in sales and 7.8% increase in footfall compared to 2023, according to data from Savills and Alimarket. This suggests strong consumer interest in returning to the physical shopping experience.

The merger between the online and offline channel is creating a unique shopping experience, especially thanks to package pick-up and return, according to Savills.

At InscaShops, we understand that commercial equipment transcends its practical function to become tangible representations of the brand and effective tools for communicating with customers, highlighting the importance of visual merchandising for shops.


Every detail of a shop, from colours to lighting, plays a key role in attracting or deterring potential shoppers, creating an atmosphere that can significantly influence their experience. Therefore, retail interior design that embodies the brand identity not only enriches the shopping experience, but also establishes a lasting and meaningful relationship with consumers.

Omni-channel transformation with retail furniture

Owners and operators are improving the whole omnichannel experience in shopping centres. By 2023, at least 10% of shopping centres and leisure venues in Spain were refurbished, almost 1.5 million square metres of pure change!

And the fresh news? Nearly 190,000 sqm of new floor space was added to the game, with 85,000 sqm for shopping centres and 105,000 sqm for parks. The market is constantly on the move!

In this sense, in such a competitive and complex market, hiring the services of specialists in customised shopfitting is a strategic step to achieve these objectives. Thus, at InscaShops, specialising in the manufacture of bespoke shop fittings, we offer a range of services from design to the realisation of commercial equipment.


InscaShops: your partner for transformation and expansion

Choosing a company specialising in the manufacture of bespoke retail equipment such as InscaShops is the best option for attracting customers to your establishment. We are passionate about being part of the transformation of retail spaces and we are here to do it in a way that suits the unique needs of each firm.

With over 45 years of industry experience and a highly skilled team of over 200 professionals at your service, we guide you through every step of the process, from conceptualisation to implementation.

An example of this can be found in our latest projects such as the cosmetics space for Galeries Lafayette in Bordeaux or the more than 15 ready meals areas in El Corte Inglés that we have refurbished.


What services do we offer at InscaShops?

  1. Definition of the briefing.
  2. 2D and 3D project development.
  3. Technical development.
  4. Prototypes.
  5. Manufacture of bespoke furniture.
  6. Assembly and site management.
  7. A team of almost 200 professionals in engineering, architecture, painting, carpentry, metalwork and assembly.
  8. 26,000 m2 of own production plant.
  9. International logistics.
  10. Customer service 365 days a year.

Ultimately, our commitment goes beyond providing furniture and furnishing solutions. We are committed to thoroughly understanding your goals, needs and business values to provide you with customised solutions that not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Whether you are looking to renovate your existing space, expand into new markets or simply improve the shopping experience for your customers, at InscaShops we help you realise your ideas. Contact us!

Bespoke shopfitting: the key to differentiation

Differentiation has become a crucial factor for the success of any business, especially in retail parks. This is where customised shopfitting plays a key role.

In this way, customisation goes beyond simply choosing standard furniture from a catalogue; it involves working closely with designers and manufacturers to create unique solutions tailored to the specific characteristics and objectives of each business.

InscaShops’ commercial furniture allows brands and businesses to create unique experiences for their customers, from the layout of the space to the materials used, colours, lighting and functionality of each element.


By customising retail fixtures, brands can more effectively convey their identity, tell their story and create an emotional connection with their customers. In addition, customised design elements also enhance functionality.

In short, customised retail furniture and fixtures are the key to standing out and making a lasting impression in an increasingly crowded retail environment.

Let’s elevate your shop in retail parks together

In a year full of opportunities like 2024, choosing the right partner is crucial. At InscaShops, we don’t just offer tailor-made retail equipment; we provide a warm and effective partnership.

If you want to find out how we can do this, just drop us an email. We are here to understand your needs and help you stand out in this exciting world of retail. At InscaShops, your commercial success is our commitment – let’s talk soon!

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