5 retail design and fitting strategies to attract the omnichannel shopper to your physical shop

Today's customers are more demanding and more informed than ever before. Here's how to get them to buy when they visit you!
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Today’s customers are more demanding and more informed than ever before. They value variety, price and, above all, the shopping experience – here’s how to get them to buy when they visit you!

In the retail world, the omnichannel shopper, a term coined by the president of the Spanish Retail Association Laureano Turienzo, researches the products they need online. Even so, they look for experiences in physical shops.

For example, according to Mood Media, 80% of Spaniards prefer to purchase in a physical shop. This is your opportunity to refurbish or renovate your retail space and provide an unforgettable in-store shopping experience!

At InscaShops, we understand the behaviour of these customers and, below, we offer you the keys to convert their online browsing into real sales in your shop with retail design.

1. Connect online with the physical experience

The omnichannel customer is looking for consistency between what they see online and what they experience in the physical shop. So you need to create a bridge that makes the transition smooth and engaging. How can you do this?

  1. Point-of-sale furniture. At InscaShops, we design and manufacture customised retail fixtures and fittings that reflect your brand’s visual identity: each element is strategically designed to maintain consistency with the online presence to create a seamless experience.
  2. Optimise retail interior design to align with the online experience. In other words, the layout of equipment must be designed to facilitate customer interaction with products, following the search and information logic they have already experienced online.
  3. Incorporate technological solutions. From interactive screens to augmented reality systems, everything is designed to enrich the physical experience. It’s about offering more than just the information available on the internet with the help of commercial interior design.
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In short, the focus should be on not just looking to replicate the online in the physical, but to create a seamless experience that engages the omnichannel shopper and turns browsing into a satisfying shopping experience in your shop.

2. Create memorable in-store experiences

A physical shop offers the consumer the chance to feel and experience a product. This is its greatest advantage in the face of increasing online visits. However, customers are increasingly demanding complementary services that can add value in shops. Here are some examples that you could incorporate:

  1. Use QR codes or touch screens that display additional product information. In this way, you help connect the digital world with the physical experience.
  2. Incorporate an interactive demonstration area that allows your customers to try products to increase confidence and purchase.
  3. Develop a product personalisation system where customers can design their own search, turning research into a unique and emotional purchase. This would be retail stand design.
  4. Take advantage of artificial intelligence. Smart mirrors allow customers to try on clothes and accessories virtually without having to undress.
  5. Incorporate a kiosk inside your shop to redeem purchase tickets for discount coupons on future purchases.
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At InscaShops we are experts in the design and manufacture of made-to-measure commercial equipment for retail, catering and contract. If you want to create a differentiating space for your brand, we take care of the entire project, from furniture design, manufacture, management and execution of work, lighting and even on-site assembly.

For example, you only have to look at the change of the jewellery brand Singularu. The firm wanted to transmit in its new physical shops the same sensations they offer online. For this reason, at InscaShops we manufactured and assembled the made-to-measure furniture, designed by Huuun, to help them create their new space with a clear brand identity: elegance, proximity and youthfulness.

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3. Engage your customers through their senses

Your shop must go beyond being just a place to shop. It must become the destination where your customers want to immerse themselves in a unique and immersive experience.

Therefore, the design approach should not be limited to aesthetics alone: it should seek to generate emotions. In this sense, create a space that tells a story with visual merchandising strategies. How? Use:

  • Aromas with essential oils that give personality to your brand and establishment.
  • Music in line with the values of your brand: pop, rock, classical…
  • Adequate ambient temperature.
  • Organisation and cleanliness to attract attention.

From the entrance to the checkout area, focus on creating a consistent and rewarding in-store shopping experience for the customer. Furniture layout and lighting are designed to guide and delight to invite the customer to explore and linger in the shop.

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Likewise, every shop is unique, as is every experience we create. At Inscashops, our bespoke fittings ensure that each shop has unique and personalised elements to create a sense of belonging and uniqueness for visitors.

In short, your goal should be for your customers to create memories that last and create a lasting bond with your brand.

4. Commitment to sustainability

Today’s customers are environmentally conscious consumers. They are increasingly critical of brands, demand products and value social responsibility. Therefore, this has to be reflected in the whole chain of your brand creation, which will also influence the commercial equipment.

5 retail design and fitting strategies to attract the omnichannel shopper to your physical shop

Make sure that your brand values are implemented in every detail of your retail space. For example, if the most important value of your brand is your concern for the environment, use recycled materials or eliminate the use of plastic as much as possible.

At InscaShops, we use sustainable wood and we ensure that our suppliers comply with the FSC and PEFC seals. We are also ISO 14001 certified, which guarantees that we respect the environment. In addition, 40% of our energy comes from photovoltaic sources.

5. Personalised design, unique experience

The omnichannel customer seeks exclusivity. Our bespoke furniture design approach allows you to create unique spaces, adapted to the needs of your brand and the expectations of your informed customer.

At InscaShops, we understand that each brand and each shop has its own identity. Therefore, our approach focuses on creating bespoke designs that reflect that uniqueness to offer a unique experience to visitors.

Adapting to brand identity

We immerse ourselves in the essence of your brand. We analyse your values, styles and narratives to develop designs that faithfully reflect your identity. From the choice of materials to the layout of elements, every detail is tailored to represent the character of your shop with bespoke retail display solutions.

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Customisation to differentiate

Bespoke retail interior design not only seeks to represent the brand, but also to differentiate it. We look for distinctive elements that make the experience in your shop unique compared to any other with the idea of creating an environment that stands out in the minds of visitors.

Co-creation with the customer

We work closely with you. From the initial design phase to the final implementation, we value your ideas and input, combining them with our expertise to achieve a design that is both authentic and functional.

Flexibility and adaptability

Our ability to work with a variety of materials and technologies gives us the flexibility to meet your specific aesthetic preferences and needs.

Now you know how to attract the omnichannel shopper to your physical shop and get them to buy when they visit. Contact us to explore how we can tailor design and fit-out strategies that turn online research into a rewarding, in-store shopping experience!

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