InscaShops: more than 100 corners with customised retail furniture by 2022

We have made more than 100 corners between Spain and France in 2022. We explain to you the characteristics of the commercial furniture of the sales areas in department stores.
Equipamiento comercial de diseño a medida para Galeries Lafayette con un diseño y fabricación de InscaShops

At InscaShops we are experts in custom-made commercial furniture for commercial spaces. Thus, we manufacture customised equipment according to the commercial sector and brand of each of our customers. Last year alone, we did more than 100 points of sale distributed between El Corte Inglés and Galeries Lafayette.

For example, the fashion industry needs tailor-made furniture for exclusive clothing sales corners, such as clothes racks, shelves or side tables. At InscaShops we take care of manufacturing the right commercial equipment.

Bespoke retail furniture for Galeries Lafayette designed and manufactured by InscaShops.
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We have already carried out projects for major brands in Spain and France, especially in El Corte Inglés and Galeries Lafayette. Thus, they have relied on our commercial equipment for points of sale of well-known brands such as Vero Moda, Losan, Only or Vila Clothes, among others.

Corner with custom-made commercial furniture made by InscaShops for Vila Clothes.

Our experts study current retail trends to produce the best corner furniture for your brand. We do this by following the aesthetic lines of each firm and according to what they want to transmit to the public: youth, modernity or sophistication, among hundreds of profiles.

The best of bespoke commercial furniture

We adapt to the brand. The pieces we make for the corners are unique and unrepeatable. We produce commercial equipment in every possible way to enhance originality, functionality and comfort.

No type of material can resist us. We work with wood, iron, glass or methacrylate to achieve exclusive finishes. In addition, we use the best quality raw materials to achieve impeccable finishes.

Wooden shop fittings designed by InscaShops for Galeries Lafayette
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Therefore, to obtain the best finishes for each of the brands that trust us, at InscaShops we have more than 150 professionals in engineering, architecture, painting, carpentry, metal and assembly.

We also carry out customised manufacturing and assembly from our own plant in Almazora (Spain). We are a company authorised to carry out assemblies in large warehouses and we adapt to their regulations and working hours.

What does the furniture in the corners of department stores have to be like?

Corners take advantage of the flow of customers coming to department stores to generate attraction and sales. The strength of these spaces is the tailor-made commercial equipment they can get with InscaShops.

Stands need good materials to display collections in small and busy spaces. Thus, we prepare the furniture you request with top quality materials to achieve a firm and long-lasting result. Adapted and prepared for the types of products to be exhibited or presented.

Bespoke retail furniture designed by InscaShops for Galeries Lafayette
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Here’s how you can set yourself apart from many stands.

The size of commercial equipment matters

Commercial equipment that conforms to your corner does not have to obstruct the passage. Corridors need to be wide so that people can pass through, see things well and not be crowded.

The design of the stand has to be attractive and, at the same time, functional. In other words, you have to take care of the aesthetic side and offer added value. The shopping experience has changed. Now, it is no longer just about selling a product, but about creating an ideal shopping experience for the customer.

Bespoke retail furniture for Galeries Lafayette by InscaShops
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In short, the aim is to ensure that the customer has enough space and comfort to look closely at the details of the object or service on offer.

Sensory stimuli in shop corners

Appealing to the senses of the public is essential for a corner. The most important is sight. The customer has to be able to easily see the products or service being offered in order to be interested in them. That is why we include posters or backlit signs, among other elements, in the corners we make for our clients.

Tailor-made commercial furniture made by InscaShops for Vero Moda

Similarly, linked to the look, placing fewer products on racks or shelves gives a sense of exclusivity. In this way, the customer finds and buys the products as quickly as possible and has the perception of being in front of an exclusive shop.

The fisdigital trend is on the rise. That is to say, the fusion of the digital and the physical as one of the major additions to commercial interior design. At InscaShops we know this and can therefore add screens or tablets in your area to inform about a product.

Wooden furniture made by InscaShops for corners at Galeries Lafayette
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On the other hand, touch also helps with purchasing decisions. Allow the customer to feel the products, they can already see them at home. We therefore create custom-made commercial equipment and furnishings that include different textures or tactile elements that allow customers to interact with the product.

Don’t forget the lighting of the area depending on the atmosphere you want to create. Lighting is in keeping with the corporate image as it creates personality and helps to increase sales. The customer has to feel welcome. For example, LED lights generate the least heat, you just have to choose the right wattage.

Tailor-made sales outlets for each brand

At InscaShops we design and make custom-made commercial equipment that serves to generate notoriety in commercial spaces where there is a variety of products in the same sector. We also provide added value by offering differential designs to brands and offer innovative and exclusive points of sale that we manufacture in our own facilities.

Corners with commercial furniture made by InscaShops for Galeries Lafayette
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At InscaShop we can create the concept (design) of the commercial equipment or apply it directly to each commercial space. Our experience precedes us. We respect the values of the brands, we make corporate commercial islands and we manage to transmit the main idea of the products for sale.

We know that retail islands are a separate oasis for each retail space, even if several brands share the same area. Therefore, we create and design commercial furniture with a functional, original and attractive design to capture the customer’s attention.

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