The 5 retail interior trends of 2023

In this post we explain what are the 5 retail interior trends ofs 2023. Enter now!
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Consumers have changed the way they relate to shops, so retail spaces are also changing. Now the focus is no longer on the sale or the transaction, but on the relationship with the customer. Therefore, offering the best experience in an establishment has become a maxim for any business.

At Inscashops we know this well, and that is why our team of architects, designers, interior designers and engineers work hard to understand market trends and offer the best solutions to our clients. And now we want to share with you what are the 5 commercial design trends that will mark 2023.

Brand connection and value generation

The retail space is the place where the brand comes to life. Making the most of interior design opportunities to create brand connection is more than a trend that is becoming a key element of differentiation.

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The retail outlet is no longer the place where a good is bought in exchange for money, i.e. where the economic transaction takes place. Now it must be conceived as a space capable of providing value to consumers in order to establish a relationship with them that is lasting over time.

Merging the physical and the digital: fisdigital

The fusion of the digital and the physical is one of the biggest trends in commercial interior design at the moment. We are no longer just talking about omnichannel, but about a complete integration of both in which we achieve a good balance.

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Well-being inspired by nature

Commercial interior design has the capacity to generate emotions and create sensations in customers. Nature is a real source of inspiration to transmit wellbeing, tranquillity, happiness and reduce stress, and that is the aim of what is known as biophilic design.

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Interaction and omnichannel

The passive consumer is a thing of the past; customers now like to be proactive, as they are when they surf the internet. So we have to offer them spaces where they can interact, take photos to share on their networks and feel free, at their own pace.

And, of course, omni-channeling.

Visual attraction

The combination of colours that favours visual attraction is perfect to guide the consumer through our establishment and generate emotions around our brand.

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