How to create commercial spaces with a brand identity?

Are you looking to design and create commercial spaces with a brand identity that stick in the minds of your customers? Here we explain how to!
¿Cómo crear espacios comerciales con identidad de marca?

Nowadays, in the current competitive environment, it is essential to have a solid commercial spaces with a brand identity within any business in order to attract customers and build client loyalty among existing ones. At InscaShops we know this well. That is why we make differentiation possible with our integral projects that include customised furniture and commercial equipment.

In other words, at InscaShops we design and create environments that reflect the personality of your brand. Now, we want to share with you how you can create commercial spaces with identity and, in turn, how important it will be for your business to take care of this element.

Define your brand identity

First of all, to create a commercial space with its own identity, you have to identify and define that identity. It is crucial to know what your company’s values are, as well as what experience you want your customers to feel when they enter your business.

At the same time, you must recognise what makes your brand unique in order to be able to enhance this characteristic against the competition. So, once these concepts are internalised, you can apply them to the physical space of your business.

how to create commercial spaces with a brand identity?

For example, you only have to look at the change in the Singularu jewellery brand. The firm wanted to transmit in its new physical shops the same sensations that they offer online. For this reason, at InscaShops we manufactured and assembled custom-made furniture, designed by Huuun, to help them create their new space with a clear brand identity: elegance, proximity and youthfulness.

Espacios con identidad de marca by InscaShops, Singularu

Thus, Singularu has opted for satin pink tones that give a sense of glamour and exclusivity. In addition, with this, it has generated a dynamic shopping process, adapted to the new habits of consumers. Once customers enter its new establishments, they will know what the brand is conveying.

Custom-made commercial equipment for shops

Your business, in all its space, must communicate to visitors what your brand is with every detail. For this reason, we advise you to opt for bespoke commercial equipment. Custom-made furniture will help you to transmit the values of your brand in the commercial environment and it will be ingrained in the minds of your consumers.

Another advantage is that with customised shop fittings you can choose the pieces and the size of each product to adapt it to your needs. In this way, you will be able to differentiate yourself from the competition, improve recognition and create your own personality.

In addition, you have to take into account that customers will interact with the furniture and will pay attention to the aesthetics of your business. At InscaShops we help you step by step with every detail so that you achieve the best results and optimise your customers’ shopping experience.

El mobiliario comercial para una óptica, Cottet

For example, if you are interested in furniture for an optician’s shop, you will have to look for furniture that allows you to see the products at a glance and that, at the same time, reflects the values you want to transmit. This is the case of Cottet opticians.

Cottet has renewed its brand identity thanks to its new made-to-measure retail furniture in its new commercial spaces designed by Huuun. The firm’s retail furniture includes the brand’s corporate green and is faithful to its values: elegance, functionality, versatility and sophistication. However, it has added gold to bring it up to date and modernise the brand.

Cottet ha renovado su identidad de marca gracias a su nuevo mobiliario comercial a medida

If you want to create a differentiating space for your brand, at InscaShops we take care of the entire project, from the design of the commercial furniture, the manufacture, management and execution of the work, lighting and even the on-site assembly.

Identifying an experience with a brand

Consumers have changed the way they interact with shops. Now, you have to keep in mind that the important thing is to take care of the relationship with the client. You can do this by offering the best shopping experience in your establishment.

At InscaShops we know this well, which is why our team knows the trends in commercial interior design, and offers the perfect solutions for each brand, among which the following stand out.

Fisdigital: la fusión de lo físico y lo digital

Fisdigital is about fusing physical and digital channels to engage clients and enhance the customer’s experience with your brand. Some tools you can use to enhance this concept in your shop are the integration of QR codes on various surfaces or the use of augmented reality so that consumers have other ways to learn about your product or service.

equipamiento comercial de la flagship store Cuadernos Rubio en Valencia

Have you seen the commercial equipment project of the flagship store Cuadernos Rubio in Valencia? It is a clear example of how to implement the fisdigital concept in a business. And you can also include other new features such as the use of touch screens or televisions so that the customer can interact with your products.

Play with your brand’s colour palette

Attract visitors with a good colour scheme that matches your corporate colours and brand values. You have to take care of every last detail. Therefore, when creating a commercial space with brand identity, look for colours that generate emotions.

Colores corporativos en el equipamiento comercial a medida para KeyGo Rent

Por otra parte, debes tener en cuenta que los clientes asocian un negocio con sus colores. Por ejemplo, KeyGo Rent  escogió los tonos azul, rojo y blanco para el equipamiento comercial de su tienda en Alicante. Y nuestro equipo se encargó de la fabricación del mobiliario comercial y el montaje. No hay ninguna duda de que los clientes reconocerán la marca cada vez que entren en este establecimiento.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that customers associate a business with its colours. For example, KeyGo Rent chose blue, red and white tones for the commercial equipment of its shop in Alicante. And our team was in charge of the manufacturing of the commercial furniture and the assembly. There is no doubt that customers will recognise the brand every time they enter this establishment.

The versatility of lighting in business

On the other hand, you can create different atmospheres depending on the way you use lighting in your business. That is to say, if you are looking to create a more relaxed ambience, go for dim lights, but if you are interested in highlighting products, use brighter lights.

La iluminación favorece la creación de espacios comerciales con identidad de marca
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Our team already had these characteristics in mind when designing and installing the lighting for Bestseller’s office-showroom in Gran Canaria. So, the firm has several spaces with warm lighting to highlight the products of each of the clothing brands.

Combine your brand with the retail space

Make sure your brand values are implemented in every detail of your retail space. That is, if, for example, the value that stands out most about your brand is your concern for the environment, use recycled materials or eliminate the use of plastic as much as possible.

On the other hand, if you are looking for made-to-measure commercial equipment for restaurants, and the priority you want to highlight is natural and healthy food, your commercial furniture will have to be linked to nature.

El mobiliario comercial para restauración está hecho a medida por InscaShops

Following this premise, this is how we manufactured and assembled in InscaShops the restaurant furniture for Pukkel in Huesca, a restaurant designed by Masqueespacio. All the restaurant equipment is 100% natural, with imperfect and organic shapes in brown and green tones. In addition, the warm lighting, combined with the rest, creates a sensational experience that makes customers do not forget about it.

El restaurante Pukkel es un espacio comercial con identidad de marca gracias a InscaShops

In conclusion, to create a retail space with a brand identity you need to first define your brand. Then, choose the bespoke retail fit-out that best suits your needs and identify a brand experience that makes customers remember the products or services you offer.

Now, you can design your premises in a functional and aesthetic way that transmits the values of your brand with InscaShops if you follow the advice and examples we have given you to create commercial spaces with identity.

In addition, you can always contact us if you have any project in mind. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for commercial equipment for franchises or commercial furniture for shops. At InscaShops we are 100% involved in your project, without limitations of shapes and materials. Contact us!

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